TRC Companies Registered Land Surveyor - Iowa in Houston, Texas

SUMMARY: The ideal candidate is a Registered Land Surveyor in the state or states that he/she is assigned. This opportunity is specifically requiring a State of Iowa Registered Land Surveyor. The selected candidate will approve and submit survey documents as required by the state and/or local governments and will serve as TRC Engineers' qualified Surveyor in the field. The Surveyor is responsible for:

  • Planning and performance of contracted survey activities required on a project. Implements project survey policies, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Orients assigned survey personnel on project requirements and assigns tasks to carry out the performance of survey activities.
  • Monitors survey personnel performance and documentation to assure quality, consistency, and compliance to project requirements.
  • May administer and coordinate the field survey data review and processing activities in conjunction with the mapping coordinator.
  • Guides, coaches, motivates or disciplines survey personnel as necessary to meet project schedules, budgets, and objectives.
  • Resolves survey performance issues with the client representative and land owners that threaten the timely completion of the project survey activities.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Reviews project survey requirements and develops a written plan for the execution of the activities needed to meet those requirements. The "Execution Plan" should include a description of the scope of work to be performed, a time schedule reflecting the key tasks necessary for the completion of the activities, a budget reflecting the estimated costs of completion, an organization chart reflecting the number and management structure for personnel required to complete the necessary activities, a listing of office space and equipment necessary to carry out the survey activities, a listing of key objectives, permits or milestones and the outside inputs required to complete the necessary activities, copies of documents, records, and reports necessary to record the survey activities, and procedures for controlling changes in work scope, documentation, safety, emergency response, and quality.
  • Requests assignment of personnel (by classification and number) and equipment needed to carry out the required survey activities.
  • Orients survey personnel, as they are assigned, on project planning, polices, guidelines, procedures, safety, emergency response, and quality assurance. Assigns tasks to each survey personnel and explains the requirements for documentation of those tasks. Provides document, record, and report forms, explains the proper completion, distribution and timing for submittal of those forms.
  • Monitors the survey personnel's performance of activities, completion of documentation, personal conduct, work ethics, and interface with others. Evaluates these actions and provides guidance, coaching, motivation or discipline as necessary to reinforce his\her role on the project.
  • Monitors the overall survey tasks for compliance to project requirements. Identifies changes in work scope, variance in scheduled completion or budgeted costs. Implements the necessary actions to incorporate work changes and if possible maintain progress schedules and budgeted costs. Document any required changes in schedules and budgeted costs as a result of work scope changes.
  • Processes and reviews survey data for completeness and accuracy.
  • Monitors documentation control and filing systems to assure the ready storage and retrieval of project documents, records, and reports.
  • Maintains close communications with the Project Manager/Client Representative to report survey progress, problems with and possible resolution to pertinent issues hampering project survey completion.
  • Provide guidance and supervision to survey personnel in the area of the project's requirements for survey activity documentation, tracking of project progress and costs, tracking of personnel time and expense reporting, assurance that project documents are completed properly and legibly, are controlled, stored, and readily retrievable for review.
  • Provide guidance and supervision to survey personnel in the area of the project's specified requirements, role for compliance to safety requirements, role for emergency response, and the related documentation necessary to record the survey process.
  • Ensure the review of all survey personnel time and expense reports for completeness, accuracy, and approval.
  • Perform and document personnel performance evaluations quarterly and upon termination/job completion of each survey personnel. At job completion, notify the appropriate TRC's Services Manager, within 24 hours, upon the release of personnel, giving the exact date and time of their leaving the work site.
  • At project completion, supervises the preparation and submission, to the Project Manager / Client Representative, of the complete documentation for all survey activities performed into a project completion package.


This position serves as manager and supervisor for survey personnel assigned to a project. On a larger project he\she will have responsible charge over the junior coordinators assigned to the job. Responsible for the overall project survey activities. Responsible for personnel performance review, evaluation, and project orientation to related survey activities. Identifies negative trends, problem issues, and implements resolution to reduce or eliminate adverse impacts on overall project survey performance.


B. S. Degree in Land Surveying or Cartography or other Land Information Sciences.

ACSM Certification.


Minimum experience required is five years surveying experience with previous supervisory assignments.

Must be knowledgeable in the methods and techniques of cross country pipeline surveying.

Five years combined surveying and mapping experience preferred.

Must have knowledge in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) survey methods, electronic data collection, the processes and computer programs necessary for survey data review and transfer to mapping.


Licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in the state of Iowa


Requires good oral communication skills.

Must be able to write clearly and concisely to prepare reports, specifications and correspondence.


Basic knowledge to support technical, administrative and financial analysis.

Strong Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry skills preferred.


Identify and solve organizational and other business related problems.

Identify and solve complex technical and administrative problems.


  • Effective problem solving skills, especially when dealing with conflicting personalities.
  • Creativity, foresight and mature judgment to identify potential problem areas and effect a solution at the earliest possible time.
  • Good working knowledge of project management, team development methods and TRC project operations.
  • Practical experience in the application, modification and adaptation of standards, techniques and procedures.
  • Demonstrated leadership and supervisory skills.
  • Ability to travel as dictated by job requirements.
  • Proficiency in PC computer operation, including spreadsheet and word processing programs. Experience in database operations and the use of engineering programs desired. Experience in Intergraph CADD or AutoCad desired.
  • Willingness to relocate to domestic or foreign locations as needed is prefered.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must have the ability to walk several miles a day, sometimes in rough terrain, in order to supervise the activities in the field.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Outdoor environment. Must be able to perform job duties in a variety of terrain ranging from swamps to deserts to forests to mountains. Must also be able to perform job duties in various extreme climates, in every type of weather, ranging from < 10 degrees and snowing to 110 degrees+ desert heat. Must be able to deal with a variety of creatures such as bears, snakes, spiders, insects, and other wildlife.

COMMENTS: A Registered Land Surveyor must be a confident self-starter, able to deal with unexpected obstacles and still get the job done.

EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled


Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled


Houston, TX - Park Ten Place - HST